How important is smartphone in your life?

It feels like a part of you is almost missing and creeps in slowly but steadely no matter how hard you try to tell yourself ¨Oh it´s fine. I can go a few hours without my phone.¨Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We use it to set our morning alarm for work or school, to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world on Whatsapp, listening to music on Spotify, reading News, watching YouTube videos, to check our emails, and as of course to take our daily selfies.

How many phones have you broken?

Having a great smart phone is a necessity for many of us. But what happens if you frequently spend time in places where a normal mobile is just going to be too fragile?

When, Where, How will the normal phone probably be damaged?

Have a look at the damaged cell phones coming from the world famous youtuber videos.

Expensive accessories

You really like the phone, and don’t want to drop, even paid so much money on the phone, but when see the prices on the accessories. Too Too Too expensive! It is the price for a good cell phone.

Can’t we find a rugged smart phone that can provide the fashion design and popular social usage?
Now Let’s See The Newest BV5500.

High Temperature Working Conditions With Good Durability

Is there a maximum temperature on the phone. If the temperature reaches the limit can it refuse to work? Watch the video.

Even Reliable With Cold Weather

You know that cold weather can make your cell phone sluggish, or make a fully charged one read low battery. But can cold weather do serious damage to your phone? What happens when BV5500 meet extreme cold?

Rugged & Strong Dropping

Fitted with the best shock absorbing technology, while also being put through rigorous testing to ensure they will endure and can withstand knocks, drops. Reinforced screens to stop cracking, and durable bodies that won't break if you drop it.

Super Glue on BV5500

For a rugged phone, we choose the glue of super viscous to protect the phone been falling to pieces and protect from water into the inside parts.

Wear Resisting

Texture of this back material with great touch feelings and it looks brutal and stylish in same time. Friction and pressure experience, long life usage.

Sound System

The Medias Highly Reputed Blackview

Blackview Has Won So Many Lovely Users

Blackview has the professional and rich experience to make the rugged smartphones. And we are growing fast and getting reputed because of our rugged phones.

Key Features

1.5M Waterproof

Built to withstand drops, dust, vibration and even temperature extremes, the BV5500 is built with durability at its core, just like the unbeatable you.

Drop Proof

And with a shatterproof screen, a broken phone is never an issue.


Fast and Accurate Dual Satellite System.


Global Positioning System and Global Navigation Satellite System, more than 60 satellites 24 hours a day detect your location on Earth in real time. Easily find your way anytime, anywhere.

Electronic Compass

To further meet the demanding requirements of users, we equip the BV5500 with multiple professional sensors,like Barometer, compass, gyroscope for more worry-free journeys.

Gorilla Glass

The 5.5-inch HD+ IPS full screen stimulates the senses across all your everyday mobile phone experiences. Show more content during games and videos, while still maintain a small and light size.

Manufacturing Technique

The sewn work, the uncompromising quality, the almost cruel test...We can only spare so much effort, So that when you pick up your phone, you don't have to worry about it.

10000 times

Repetitive Switch

100000 times

Standby and Screen

150 times

On Falling

1000 times

Twist Test

1000 times

Pressure Test 25KG

1000 times

Pressure Test 15KG

48000 times

Dropping Test

10000 times

Earphone In or Out

200000 times

USB In or Out

15000 times

Sim Card In or Out

20000 times

On-Off Key Point-and-Click

100000 times

Volume Key Point-and-Click


Low Temperature Storage


High Temperature Storage


Temperature Shock


Working between Hot and Humid

What are the users thinking about the price?

Who are using the Blackview Rugged Smartphone?

Best For: My name is Timm David, now I make most of my household and office wooden items by myself. And now I am doing the wooden projects. And I also made some wooden gifts for Blackview, thanks for Blackview phone, the sound is loud enough then I will not missing any call when working in the noisy wooden projects. And it is great that preventing the bits of wood into the microphone and speaker.

Best For: I’m one of the most forgetful people you’ll ever meet—especially when it comes to fishing tournaments. A good fishing man must be with the good waterproof phone and also good navigation, and I found Blackview.

Best For: What is the equipment of the construction workers? Safety helmet, waterproof clothes and gloves, etc, and a rugged phone as rugged construction workers, Blackview rugged phone is waterproof and shock resistant, it supports glove mode, no need to take off gloves to use, really convenient for us. Great work,Blackview.