Why Choose BV9700 Pro?

In recent years, the tri-proof rugged smartphone has been known by more people, and more and more people are using it even like it. Especially in some special industries, such as outdoor travelling, phones for elderly , large truck drivers, logistics persons, mechanical repairmen, police, firefighters, oil and miners, animal husbandry, etc... Why more and more people choose to use the rugged mobile phone, what are the inconveniences of conventional mobile phones?

Let's see the accidents happening when people using the regular mobile phones.

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The user's demand has made a market for rugged mobile phones. At present, there are a number of rugged mobile phone brands, then how to choose is a problem. As the top brand of the tri-proof rugged mobile phone, Blackview has 6 years of experience in the manufacture of rugged mobile phones. The sales of these mobile phones are the top one in the world.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the new flagship phone BV9700 Pro is launched in April 2019.

Why choose Blackview BV9700 Pro? We can look at the recommendations of Blackview users and the special features of the BV9700 Pro product, at the same time Blackview also conducted user survey. According to their special needs and suggestions for the rugged phones, combined with the performance of the mobile phone, Blackview has a greater improvement in material and function design.

Australia Fishermen: We often go fishing in the sea. The most important thing about the phone is waterproof. The regular mobile phone can't do this.

To Improve the waterproof function, Blackview takes a higher level of nano waterproofing, renewal process and with waterproofing membrane.

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As seen above, in the consolidation of waterproof performance, the mobile phone's various accessories are equipped with a waterproof ring / waterproof membrane to prevent water from penetrating into the mobile phone, nano-level waterproof material is used.To ensure its waterproof, the product is tested before each delivery. The BV9700 Pro has been tested and can be used safely after being underwater 1.5m for half an hour.

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How about the shock-resistance?

A Blackview user from France: I am a power construction worker. I often go to the outdoor to do the power facilities maintenance. It is quite often for mobile phones to fall. Regular mobile phones are a luxury for us, they need to repair the screen frequently, it is very expensive to repair the screen every time.

The material of BV9700 Pro be upgraded to make sure the better shock-resistance.

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The four corners are the most vulnerable when the mobile phone is dropping. The BV9700 Pro's four corners and the back are made of elastic rubber with high elasticity and wear resistance to avoid the impact of the mobile phone falling, the material is also hand-friendly and preventing slipping out.

In the daily life, the mobile phone will always be damaged due to different extrusion, falling, knock and other external forcing. The internal buffer structure of the BV9700 Pro reduces the impact of various shocks, vibrations on the phone and protects the phone from being cracked.

The following is the BV9700 Pro anti-drop test video

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Besides the waterproof and shock-resistance, let’s check the feature of dust proof.

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Still have the questions? The BV9700Pro gives you a more positive answer. Compared with the previous Blackview rugged mobile phone, and based on the user's higher requirements for this phone, Blackview made more improvements in the solid material and internal shock-proof structure design.

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The BV9700Pro has anti-wear titanium alloy on both sides, which more firmly binds the front and rear covers together to make the whole body is more firm; this material also enhances the anti-slip and metallic.

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As a smart rugged mobile phone, the most vulnerable place should be the screen. In order to maximize the crack resistance of the BV9700 Pro, the screen adopts the latest five-layer structure design; the outer two layers are solid glass and the inner layer is High color gamut panel, the bottom layer is an aluminum alloy base plate that enhances the overall strength of the screen.

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Special glue is specially made according to the materials of the rugged mobile phone, which has strong water resistance, high temperature resistance, high humidity; fast curing, strong adhesive force, no yellowing, high transparency; excellent chemical resistance and bad weather resistance.

In general, the rugged mobile phone tends to ignore its running performance under the sturdy and durable reinforcement. But the BV9700 Pro did not compromise on its performance.

The CPU upgraded from previous P60 to the P70, which reduced power consumption by 30%, heat cooling improved by 20%, longer battery life by 15%, and speed up by 13%.

13% Higher
15% Longer
Battery Life

BV9700 Pro | P70

30% Lower
20% More Efficient

BV9600 Pro | P60

Upgraded AI Powered Camera System

The BV9700 Pro dual rear Samsung® 16.0MP+ 8.0MP camera with advanced image processing to make fine picture. With AI Beauty technology, it also offers high-quality portraits with bokeh effects and multi-frame image stabilization technology makes your videos smoother and more vivid.

Dual Rear Camera
1/2.8 inch + 1/4 inch

Front Facing Camera
1/3.1 inch

BV9700 Pro

16.0MP + 8.0MP
Dual Rear Camera
1/3.1 inch + 1/4 inch
F2.0 + F2.0

Front Facing Camera
1/4 inch

BV9600 Pro

With the increasing use of mobile phones, we have more and more requirements for mobile phone functions, and the BV9700Pro has deliberately added these functions: heart rate sensor, air quality detection, navigation, external super-sensing night vision camera To meet our more special needs and to provide more convenience for our lives.

Blood Pressure Sensor Now with the BV9700 Pro, you only need to stick your finger on it to calculate the blood pressure. It is very convenient for you to know your health whenever and wherever you are.

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Heart Rate Sensor More and more people are participating in outdoor exercise, and we hope to monitor our heart rate at any time during the exercise. The Blackview BV9700 Pro provides us with this convenience. We can use this app on the mobile phone to detect your heart rate before, during and after exercise, adjust your exercise intensity in time to adapt to your own sports conditions, and track our health and fitness goals more easily. The built-in pedometer also helps track the number of steps and calories.

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Air Quality Detection No matter where we go, the mobile phone is here, also the air has always been around us. With the BV9700 Pro, whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, working office, etc., just open the air quality testing app,we can know the around air quality.

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GPS + Glonass + Beidou The three global satellite positioning systems offer wider and more stable satellite signal coverage, more accurate position and more accurate navigation routes. The BV9700 Pro's new barometer is used to locate the height of where we are. In addition, the sensor can also assist GPS for more precise positioning. The barometer can cross-check the detected height and barometric GPS signal data to assist the GPS to measure the height and error navigation does not exist anymore.

External Super-sensing Night Vision Camera

The BV9700 Pro's external camera is equipped with a Sony IMX291 Starlight Night Vision Super Sensing, designed for dim and night scenes, with pixels of 2.13 MP, unit pixel size up to 2.9UM, 2.6 times of the phone's main camera sensor. Light plays an important role in photography, and as the unit pixel size increases, more light enters into a single pixel. With the 6P lens of the large wide-angle super large aperture, your mobile phone instantly becomes a night camera, easily capturing the wonderful moments in the dark.

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BV9700 Pro Technical Specifications

TSMC 12nm FinFET 64bit Octa-Core
Processor,4*Cortex-A73 2.1GHz +
4*Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU
Clock at 900MHz
Multi-Core APU
Clock at 525MHz
5.84" FHD+
Notch IPS Display
128GB EMMC 5.1 ROM
Samsung 16MP+8MP
Dual Rear Camera
Samsung 16MP
Front Camera
4380mAh Battery
Fast Charging
Wireless charger
Touch ID & Face ID
Android 9.0 Pie

The First Users Highly Recommended BV9700 Pro

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Construction worker: I have been working on a dirty construction site, and my hands are covered with muddy water, with BV9700 Pro I can answer the phone with my muddy hands.

*This video is about 1.58MB.

Car repairman: The car repair shop is full of sewage, but I don't worry because my phone is waterproof.

*This video is about 2.16MB.

Electric tower maintenanceman: Once, the BV9700 Pro accidentally dropped on the ground out of my pocket from the height of a dozen meters, really great, no cracking.

*This video is about 1MB.

Firefighter: The biggest surprise is that this phone can detect the danger of air quality and guide me to the safe place.

Each time a Blackview new product released, every member of the Blackview team, from engineering staff, production staff, marketing staff to sales staff, etc., has dedicated their efforts to deliver the expectations of Blackview, deliver the phones to customers in time. With more than a year’s test and upgrade, the BV9700 Pro has been optimized to be such an excellent rugged phone.

Concept Made (2018.04)

MWC (2019.02.25)

Blackview Website (2019.4.10)

Google Approved (2019.04.20)

Global Pre-sale (2019.06.17)

End June

As more and more people use Blackview mobile phones, Blackview has also catched attention and received reputation from global medias.

Looking for a rugged smartphone with a long lasting battery? Blackview's rugged smartphone is fantastic in many ways; people will find and feel the Blackview phones are aimed at you. Who is clumsy, spend a lot of time outdoors, constantly seem to be running low on battery, and until recently worked in a harsh environment. Everything about this phone seemed perfect.

Need a smartphone that won't break the first time it slips out of your hand or falls into a puddle? You need the Blackview.
You get a smartphone that both performs well and is durable in a single package.

More of a 4G multi-tool than a rugged smartphone. It's a good price between a lot of the rugged Android smartphones coming from China, and the Blackview possesses all of the key features in an almost indestructible design which makes it the most useful of the lot.

We can describe the rugged phone as a big step for Blackview. Not only because the Chinese manufacturer offers probably the best-equipped outdoor smartphone here for a relatively low price. Blackview often struggles with high power consumption and the resulting meager battery life. The Blackview masters this obstacle quite well. There is also nothing to complain about the performance and workmanship. The fast and accurate GPS fits well to the target audience of the device.

Blackview sincerely appreciates the fans’ support and trust, thank you for with Blackview.

Ralph Ellis "It is just a big battery phone. If you want a 10,000mh battery in a rugged phone, you want the BV9500 which I have or if you want a faster processor and a 5580mh battery, then you want the BV9600."

Leslie Pitt "I have had my bv9500pro for about 3months now so far so good really happy. Just had latest update and wow a wonderful surprise from Blackview a hole new camera with loads of features I think making this phone the best I have had battery brilliant, screen really clear, fast, loads of memory, well done."

Allen Ducrocq "So now having the BV9500Pro for a month or more and working it as we have had a couple of Fire calls and burns and useing it all the time a few observations of the phone. Yes its heavy but not much heavier than my last phone in an alloy protection case. The phone has a great range better than my last one (HTC10). The battery lasts and lasts over 3 days with use."

Duncan Barnard Overall, I like the phone, I'd buy it again if I had a do-over, and I'd recommend it to others looking for a durable and relatively up-to-date smartphone at a good price. It does 90% of what you'd expect a smartphone to do WITHOUT being fragile or expensive (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS/navigation, mobile hotspot, picturesideo, social media apps, email, texts, calls, etc).