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Why you need a tough rugged phone?

Blackview's rugged smartphone is fantastic in many ways, people will find and feel the Blackview phones are aimed at you. Who is clumsy, spend a lot of time outdoors, constantly seem to be running low on battery, and until recently worked in a harsh environment. Everything about this phone seemed perfect.
Need a smartphone that won't break the first time it slips out of your hand or falls into a puddle? You need the Blackview.
You get a smartphone that both performs well and is durable in a single package.
It's a good price between a lot of the rugged Android smartphones coming from China, and the Blackview possesses all of the key features in an almost indestructible design which makes it the most useful of the lot.

Modern rugged phones are know for military-grade quality that stands more extreme water, dust, and drop situations. Strong as it is, do you expect a breakthrough improvement on the its aesthetics and design. Now the Blackview brings a new rugged phone -- BV6100 with 6.88’’ ultra-big screen. Ready for the world’s biggest screen rugged phone experience?

Tough as always, see for yourself!

Over 20 possible laboratory test methods be made to meet the Mil-Spec rating: drop, vibration, wind and rain, sand and dust, extreme temperature, salt fog, humidity, high altitude and more.

Display size up to 6.88 inches. Bigger screen, bigger pleasure.

The 6.88" ultra-big screen makes a world of difference.

Split screen to chat while watching movie by simply pressing on the shortcut key.

Greater pleasure for playing games.

6 Reasons to buy Blackview BV6100

Change the font size freely
5580mAh large battery
Glass on the front & back
GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo
Underwater camera photography
Android 9

Multifunctional NFC + Reverse-Charging Capability