OS 3.0

Doke OS 3.0

Massive Upgrade in
Design, Convenience &

As a result of the joint effort by Blackview's research and development team, Doke OS 3.0 is here to bring you smoother and simpler interaction and more personalized experiences in the Blackview smartphones.

Doke OS

Upgrade in Design

  • Dark Mode

  • Themes

    Vortex I Oil Paint I Coloured Glaze

  • Customized Icons

    Easy on the Eye

  • DIY Desktop

  • Rearrange Icons Automatically

Versatile Desktop

Ready for Revolution?

Doke OS 3.0 renders all the magic tricks that amuse you and save your time. Desktop setting is made responsive and fool-proof after massive analysis on users' regular use patterns in smartphones. Doke OS 3.0 has also changed its outfit with pristine colors and streamlined design that make all elements harmonious and inspiring. There is no lack of intuitive features to surprise you every time you tap, drag, swipe on the screen.

DIY Desktop

Uninstall /Group apps

Dismiss folders

Lock desktop layout

Automatically rearrange icons

Access apps with shortcut by long pressing the icons

Home screen grid


Customized icons

Multiple wallpapers


  • Vortex

  • Oil Paint

  • Coloured Glaze


  • Enhanced

  • Moderate

  • Gentle

Doke OS

Admirable Improvement in Convenience

Smart Floating Windows

Next-Level Design

Swipe up, down, right or left or try more gestures to navigate Doke OS 3.0 that facilitates your control over Blackview smartphones with smart floating windows. Each is designed for further convenient interaction without undergoing complex processes.

Swipe Left or Right and Then
Hold for Smart Sidebar

  • Quick Access to Apps

  • Customize the Sidebar

  • Add More Often-used Apps to the Sidebar

Swipe Right for Minus One Screen

  • Organize Important Information in Cards with Round-corner Design

  • Customize the Layout

  • Add Favourite Widgets

  • Change the Size of Cards

Swipe Down for Control Panel

  • A Tap to Take Screenshot and Switch between Ring/Vibrate/Mute.

  • Drop-down Menu

Press Volume Button for Pop-up Window on the Right

  • Shortcut for Sound Adjustment of Media, Alarms, Calls and Notifications

  • Quick Access to Sound Setting

Auto Pop-up

  • Low Battery, High Volume, USB Connection or Calls

The Upgraded Notebook

A Corner of Your Private Space

Sometimes it might be inappropriate to express your feelings in public on social media and that's why you need a private Notebook to write down what you think, probably your whimsical thoughts, creative scribble, To-do lists or more.

In Memo, you can insert whimsical text, creative scribble, inspiring pictures or important audio. And to keep your memo exclusive and away from curious eyes, you can hide it behind a password. Besides, Memo is packed with six color options to help you classify your memo in a productive manner.

In Agenda, create a to-do list and set reminders to carry out your every plan as planned.

Doke OS

Impressive Enhancement in Smoothness

  • Smart Pre- Loading

  • CPU Scheduling

  • Refined Animation

  • Memory Expansion

  • Face Fill Light

Smart Pre-Loading

Ready, Fast and Intelligent

By learning users' pattern of app-opening, Doke OS 3.0 with Pre-Loading is able to foresee which apps you are going to launch and help preload your apps before you actually open them, hence improving the average app-launching speed by 7%.

Refined Animation

Catch up with You All the Time

Doke OS 3.0 witnesses faster and smoother animation of screenshots and all types of floating windows. Always be in sync with you without latency.

Memory Expansion

Include More without Cost

To further expand memory without extra cost, Doke OS 3.0 provides ZRAM which can compress data and save it in RAM and therefore expand virtual memory. For smartphones without sufficient RAM, ZRAM gives you an edge to open more apps simultaneously and switch between different apps without breaking a sweat.

  • Time that takes to launch all third-party applications continuously (unit: second)

    • Closed
    • 0.5 GB
    • 0.75 GB
    • 1.00 GB
    • 1.25 GB
    • 2.00 GB

CPU Scheduling

Follow Each of Your Steps

When you are running CPU-intensive apps, CPU Scheduling will automatically speed up CPU frequency to make it smoother and easier to run those apps; however when it comes to lightweight apps, CPU Scheduling will lower CPU frequency in order to save more juice for the phone.

Face Fill Light

Light up Your Face in the Dark

Taking a selfie outdoors at night is a complete no-brainer with Face Fill Light. Selfie-friendly Doke OS 3.0 lets you never compromise on light conditions and take pictures of yourself and friends day or night.