Light & tough laptop with premium sound

High-strength Aluminum alloy unibody

Work and play in style

Made of high-class Aluminum alloy, AceBook1 looks tough and expensive. With every part of the body precisely crafted, AceBook1 keeps the weight down to 1.3 kg and the height down to 16.3 mm. Decent and portable to carry to a Café or office.

1.3 kg light, 35% lighter than average

16.3 mm slim

6000mAh big battery

Non-stop fun and productivity

Slim as it is, AceBook1 is equipped with a 6,000mAh (45,600mWh) big battery featuring up to 10 hours of web surfing. The extended battery life effortlessly powers the bright display and delivers sustained power, which makes a whole lot of difference for intense use.

BOX speakers

Strong and symmetric sound

AceBook1 has dual high-end BOX speakers to produce enhanced stereo quality compared to laptops with a single average speaker. The aesthetics are elevated to a whole new level with the speakers hiddenly located on both sides.

6.1" big-sized touchpad

Fluid multi-navigations

AceBook1 comes with a 6.1" large precision touchpad that senses up to 4-finger gestures and provides easy and accurate control of your tablet. Spacious space has your fingers glide over it without resistance while remaining responsive.

Intel® Gemini lake N4120 processor

Responsive and powerful multitasker

Boost your creativity and productivity with Intel® Gemini lake N4120 quad-core processor. It accelerates your favorite apps for better performance and faster speed in video editing, graphic design, and game playing.


Do great things with Windows 10

Explore Acebook 1 designed for learning and reaching your full potential. Get tips, tricks, and shortcuts to see how this Windows 10 laptop can help you.

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