Budget Big Battery King

Jan.15-Jan.29 PST

  • 5380mAh battery

  • Android 11

  • Octa-core processor

  • 205g light

  • 87.6% screen-to-body ratio

When you're low on energy at the end of a long day, make sure your phone doesn't let you down. With 30% more battery capacity than average, the A70 has more than enough energy for work and play, until the end of the day.

  • Switch to A70 to keep you rocking all day long.

massive battery

30% above average capacity brings you peace of mind at the end of a long day.

Get to what's important with Android 11

Android 11 Highlights

  • All your messages in
    one place

  • Chat while multitasking

  • Chat while multitasking

  • Built-in screen recording

  • Select and share just got easier

Faster and simplified voice access

Clearly impressive in-cell display

Our all new 6.517" screen uses in-cell technology to present natural vivid colors in every frame. The 20:9 display aspect delivers a spectacularly immersive field of vision.

Slim and light

Large battery capacity often equates to a large phone, but for the A70, our engineers achieved a slim and lightweight handset design - without sacrificing the extended run time of our long lasting 5380mAh battery.

  • Fantasy Black

  • Mint Green

  • Guava Red

  • Gradient Blue

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