Autofocus as fast as 0.03 second

Shoot quicker and more

0.03 seconds AF, Support Your Creativity

Thanks to the dual pixel autofocus technology and the closed-loop VCM,
A100 autofocus works as fast as 0.03 seconds, allowing you to capture every unmissable moment.

*Focus speed changes with light levels

10 Frames per Second, Shoot Photos Quick and More

With a continuous burst shooting mode of up to 10 frames per second,
A100 delivers the fastest autofocus speed among affordable phones, great for capturing action sequences.

Combine Ultra-fast Focus Speed with
Uncompromising Photo Quality

A100 is our most powerful A Series phone to date, designed to capture every split second in the best quality possible.

Never Miss Any Wonderful Moments

With the super fast and accurate autofocus, there's nothing to get in the way of your creativity.

8MP Wide-angle Camera

12MP Sony® IMX362

Depth Camera

Tell More Stories

The 8MP wide angle camera creates a bigger stage to tell more stories


Impressive 1.4 μm Pixels

Packed with massive 1.4μm pixels, A100 is engineered to capture more light.
The improved light sensitivity results in brighter and clearer detail.

Dual Pixel Autofocus & Closed-loop VCM

Thanks to the dual pixel autofocus technology and closed-loop VCM, A100 is able to autofocus as
 fast as 0.03s, great for fast-moving objects. Never miss any single wonderful moment!

*Focus speed changes with light levels

Stand out in a Monochrome World

Only the subject you are focusing on remains in color,while the rest is left in white and blank.
Sometimes less is more. It gives the color more power to tell an attractive story.

Rich in Detail

The HDR feature brings more details in both the bright and dark areas of the scence,
so you are allowed to feel the better clarity.

Wonderful Night Scene

Night Mode makes it possible to capture the stunning beauty of night by reducing over exposure,enhancing light and reducing noise.

Powerful Like Never Before

Powered by MediaTek Helio P70, A100 comes with fully upgraded CPU, GPU and AI performance, delivering reliable and smooth performance in all respects
Furthermore, thanks to the 6G RAM and mobile gaming enhancements which include unique multi-threading optimizations and
latency improvements, A100 provides up to 15% performance enhancement while saving up to 35% on power.

Gaming enhancement

Power consumption

Doke OS 2.0, Based on Android 11.0

Doke OS 2.0, which is based on Android11.0, gives you a smooth experience, powerful device controls, delightful user interfaces and enhanced privacy protection.

Powerful You through the Day

Beauty comes in four colors

Thanks to the vacuum plating technology, A100’s unique finish comes in four gorgeous colors. It is also fingerprint-proof and silky to the touch.