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BV8000 Pro pricing at $229.99, and rising $3 per day

Full Netcom

BV8000 Pro supports 4G+ network, whose upload speed can reach 50Mbps. And its download speed is able to go up to 300Mbps, three times faster than 4G network. With such a speedy network, you can freely surf online, play online games , watch video and etc. Besides, BV8000 Pro makes it possible for you to have more network choices by providing network, which is much more compatible in most countries and regions.




Samsung Do More, Play More, Store More

6G RAM with LPDDR4 can double the running speed and lower the power consumption to improve and increase the battery life, plus Octa-core processor and 64GB ROM can offer enough room to store lots of photos, videos and apps and speedy running for many apps at the same time, it will not let you down while you are enjoying your moment.



Samsung S5K4H8 PLUS F 2.0 Aperturet

The 16MP rear camera can accurately capture the wonderful moment at any time. Rear 5p lens coated with blue film makes the picture color more vivid and true . F/2.0 large aperture offers large wide-angle in capturing, and supports underwater capture, etc.

8MP + 16MP

5pcs HD Lens


Samsung S5K3P3

High-performance processor MTK6757

MTK6757 first uses the chip of 16nm processing, and supports LPDDR4X memory (maximum 6GB), using higaher grade GPU to improve multimedia performance, so it can greatly reduce the power consumption of the machine.

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