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Complete the following two tasks, then you have the opportunity to get your favorite color BV8000 Pro.


  • 1. The winner will be announced on the release date, 22th July. Winner will be notified by the official email(service@blackview.hk);
  • 2.This free phone will be sent before 31st July after the winner provide accurate address.
  • 3.During the transport, the winner have to pay himself if there is the customs duties.
  • 4. Blackview reserves the final right to this event.


Task 1:

  • Question:Where are you from?which color of BV8000 Pro do you want?
    I'm from (city,country) and I want a (color) BV8000 Pro.

  • 2: What’s your favorite color of BV8000 Pro?

  • 3: BV8000 Pro With 64 GB ROM and 128 GB of storage, you can download a lot of apps. Guess how many Apps can be downloaded in this phone?

Task 2:

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